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Build2Learn and the Useful Resources shared on the Platform


Build2Learn (B2L) is an initiative started by a team of three people Dorai Thodla, Ashish Cherian and Bhavani Ravi in Chennai with Dorai playing the role of the mentor. It is a meetup where those who want to learn, be it students or professionals, gather together to enhance their knowledge by building. The meetup is organized once […]

General Resources: Interesting Frameworks and Articles

Below you will some interesting resources and articles that will help you in your development journey. Have a look and you may find something that will help in the learning process. CodingRadio provides you with music to help you focus Compendium Maps: a visual summary of the climate debate Welcome to Debatepedia! – […]

GitHub Repos that you should check out

Github is a very useful source of a lot of open source projects. If you find any repo of your interest from the list below, fork it and go through the code. Reverse engineering is a good way to learn. This process will give you a lot of questions, which in the process of understanding […]

Resources for Machine Learning: From the basics to working models

ML Algorithms Cheatsheet

Image Credit: Which machine learning algorithm should I use? The textbook definition of Machine Learning goes something like subset of Artificial Intelligence that uses statistical techniques to get computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Simply put, Machine Learning is making computers learn like humans by training it. Below you will find a pool of resources […]

Python Resources: Getting Started to Going Full Stack


Python is one of the most used languages. Whether you are starting out with the basics of programming or if you want to build a full stack web app or a smart machine learning algorithm, python is a great language that will you seamlessly implement your solution. Check out some really useful resources below that […]