Build2Learn – 5th Dec 2020

After going through the wave of lockdown, the team was super excited with the rebirth of build2learn. We had the most curious set of audiences. Most of them are new to build2learn.

  1. We hopped on to Google meets and started with a round of introductions. We had a diverse set of people right from college students, industry veterans and software engineers.
  2. Next, Dorai introduced the members to the new format and why build2Learn.
  3. We asked the project owners to create a 5 slide presentation about their project.
  4. We started with the project proposal presentations.
    • Bhavani Ravi – A software Engineer from Saama Technologies proposed the Kube-task project. She wanted the beginner Python developers to take it up a notch and explore the advanced features. The project is also great for people who wish to explore Docker and Kubernetes.
    • Ashish Cherian – An independent consultant and core member of Build2learn wanted to build a Twitter bot for the weekly check-ins and convert it into a full-blown dashboard for the members of Build2learn.
    • Dorai Thodla – The brains behind build2learn will lead Code assistant – a meta-search code engine and his favorite Mind map creator.
    • Shiny – The lead of the programming club at KCG college of technology is going to lead the language popularity project
    • Deepak Pandian – a machine learning engineer with computer vision experience, volunteered to lead the project Bird pose estimation.
  5. Next up, people formed teams by showing interest in the project of their choice. We created project groups on slack.
  6. Post forming teams, it’s now the project members’ responsibility to take it up to completion. 

Until the weekly check-in, we bid everyone goodbye 🙂

Wait there is more!

Do you have a great idea or a side project sleeping for sometime that needs to be revoked? Join us, and create a channel let’s build it together.


Do you find the above projects exciting and want to join one of them? Join slack and find the channel of respective project

Got other questions? Comment below.

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