Resources for Machine Learning: From the basics to working models

ML Algorithms Cheatsheet

Image Credit: Which machine learning algorithm should I use?

The textbook definition of Machine Learning goes something like subset of Artificial Intelligence that uses statistical techniques to get computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Simply put, Machine Learning is making computers learn like humans by training it.

Below you will find a pool of resources from cheatsheets to working models that will get you started in the field of ML.

Machine Learning Cheatsheets

Top-down learning path: Machine Learning for Software Engineers

Tutorial for Andrej Karpathy’s CNN Course! Really comprehensive tutorial to start from scratch

Making neural nets uncool again

NLP using Torch

Lip Reading – Cross Audio-Visual Recognition using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks

Collection of Interactive Machine Learning Examples

Glow: Better Reversible Generative Models

Neural Network based Startup Name Generator

Neural Joke Generation

Keras Models in the browser

Font Meme Generator


Build a DNA-personalized app

Tensorflow Dev Summit 2018 keynote

TensorFlowJS: Machine Learning In JavaScript

Articles and Reading Resources:

Self-Study Machine Learning Projects

Project- Gun Detector (a custom object detector)
Teammate- Jyot Prakash Verma
Framework Used – Tensorflow

How a Beginner Used Small Projects To Get Started in Machine Learning and Compete on Kaggle

Why ML interfaces will be more like pets than machines « Pete Warden’s blog

Building Mobile Applications with TensorFlow – a free book

Fruit Decay detection

Facial emotion recognition

WaveNet is being used to generate the Google Assistant voices for US English and Japanese across all platforms

How to learn deep learning in 6 months

Reading an Academic Paper — DL/ML/AI


AI Principles by Google

AI Researchers from Google, Microsoft & Facebook answer questions

Browse passages from books using experimental AI


Yelp dataset

Let’s Go dataset


CakeChat: Emotional Generative Dialog System – as used in Replika

Rasa NLU

Making a simple Telegram Bot

Messages with a fake virtual companion

Bot Testing

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