GitHub Repos that you should check out

Github is a very useful source of a lot of open source projects. If you find any repo of your interest from the list below, fork it and go through the code. Reverse engineering is a good way to learn. This process will give you a lot of questions, which in the process of understanding and answering will help you expand your knowledge.

Mother of all demo apps

Build your own (insert technology here)

List of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally.

Face detection library in 200 lines of JS

Watch matches in a terminal

Backblaze B2 provides the cheapest cloud object storage and transfer available on the internet. Comparatively, AWS S3 is 320% more expensive to store and 400% more expensive to transfer to the internet.”

A tool to encrypt files on git, and you can maintain an oss project without giving up your keys.

Rasa NLU – Turn Natural Language into structured data:

Useful resource for Tamil machine learning applications.

Tamil text to speech

YouTube downloader

A personal terminal-based dashboard utility, designed for displaying infrequently-needed, but very important, daily data

An interesting decentralized alternative to Slack.

YouTube Downloader

Whatsapp Web bot:

The only cheat sheet you need

A list of SWAG opportunities

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