General Resources: Interesting Frameworks and Articles

Below you will some interesting resources and articles that will help you in your development journey. Have a look and you may find something that will help in the learning process.

CodingRadio provides you with music to help you focus

Compendium Maps: a visual summary of the climate debate

Welcome to Debatepedia! – Debatepedia, the Wikipedia of Debates

HTML5 Game Framework

Stealthy – Secure decentralized communication

Trusting Trust – an experiment

Articles and Reading Resources:

Want to know how to hack websites??

Amazing thread on Probablistic Programming in a real life scenario.

E823: Lambda School CEO Austen Allred created an immersive online training for software engineers at no upfront cost, disrupts education by eliminating student debt & aligning incentives of his school with those of its learners

Resume Skills list

Richard Stallman extreme views on computing.

Top 8 Programmer Hobbies

“5 Steps to Online Privacy with Firefox”

Microsoft’s free courses

Sierra Leone just ran the first blockchain-based election

Wall Street rethinks blockchain projects as euphoria meets reality

The Importance of Using Strong Keys in Signing JWTs

Where to store your JWTs

How to design for everyone?

Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

Raspberry Pi FM Transmitter

REST API Clients:


Postman is an API development environment,


Swagger aides in development across the entire API lifecycle, from design and documentation, to test and deployment

Insomnia REST Client

Reuse API keys or session IDs.


The four pillars of a decentralized society

Project SHIVOM (Official Video) | Powering the Next Era of Genomics through Blockchain

Secrets of the DOM Virtual Machine

Build real-world games with Google Maps APIs

The Art of Writing Software

NodeJS in Tamil

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