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Build2Learn (B2L) is an initiative started by a team of three people Dorai Thodla, Ashish Cherian and Bhavani Ravi in Chennai with Dorai playing the role of the mentor. It is a meetup where those who want to learn, be it students or professionals, gather together to enhance their knowledge by building. The meetup is organized once or twice every month. Each session has an energetic environment, where there is always a motivation to create and build in the air. From basic web and app projects to machine learning, chatbots and hardware prototypes, B2L sessions have had a lot of interesting projects and micro-products in the works by the participants.

B2L has also provided a platform for interaction between school & college students and professionals, bridging the gap between learning and profession. Professionals also get a chance to interact with each other from the varied companies that they work at with people from MadstreetDenTCS , SAP and also from the hosting partners OrangescapeThoughtWorks, krea and Paypal (whom we are really grateful for providing the space).

After more than 10 sessions, with a number of ideas that grew out of the meetups, there have always been a lot of interesting discussions in the sessions as well as online in the Whatsapp group. The B2L Whatsapp group is becoming one of the most active groups, where whether you are looking for a meaningful discussion or some guidance on a new project you are working on, you will always find someone to help or take part.

Among these discussions and activity, a number of resources have been shared in the group of which many have been lost in the backlog of messages and a sea of other media links. Finding such useful resources in the B2L group was like a goldmine waiting to be tapped. So, I have done my best to sort through the links shared over the past few months and have compiled all the useful resources shared in the group. I have also tried to group them by category so that you can directly jump into the one, which interests you the most. Without further adieu, please find the links to the relevant resources below:

Python Resources:

Python Resources: Getting Started to Going Full Stack

Machine Learning Resources:

Resources for Machine Learning: From the basics to working models

GitHub Repos that you should check out:

GitHub Repos that you should check out

General Resources:

General Resources: Interesting Frameworks and Articles

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