Notes from Build to Learn Session 10

The event took place on the 30th of June. It was one of the most vibrant meetups. A few things I noticed about the event:

  1. Over 60 registered and 30+ showed up (typical Chennai event pattern)
  2. More newcomers than regulars (registration stats indicate 62% newcomers)
  3. We asked the audience to introduce themselves. Several indicated interest in learning Machine Learning (ML) and few indicated Python and building  Games. They self-organized as three groups (ML, Python, Games) and started brainstorming and working together. 
  4. These may be about 60% of the participants. Rest of them worked in smaller groups.
  5. Everyone was helping everyone else. So I noticed some group migrations too.
  6. I walked around a bit talking to people and later started working with a few people with business ideas. One of them was interested in building a knowledge base of oilseeds in local regions (like Tamil Nadu). In our conversation, I learned a lot of things about why TN imports ground nuts from Gujrath and we discussed a bit on how to build hyperlocal markets and other non-tech topics
  7. Learners as teachers – Manas from #CEG and Shruthi from #KCG came to the previous #build2learn session and Sid who just graduated from #KCG taught them Python. A student who graduated from high-school walked in and wanted to learn Python. I sent him to our budding Pythonistas who just had two weeks of self-study. I saw these self-learners now taking the role of teachers. This is what will make this community a fun place. When enough learners become teachers to help others we will have a sustainable community.
  8. here were a few tech leads who had nearly 10 years of experience in enterprise applications built in Java. Their dilemma was what to learn next and they chose ML. It was great to see them bonding with other people with a similar interest. I was quite thrilled when they asked me how they can compete with this young energetic fast learning students and newbies.
  9. One of my favorite project ideas was to build a business/social network of hospital to share knowledge about organ donors and requirements. It was a very ambitious project. I got him started on a small MVP. Nice to see social causes driving the  urge to build.
  10. Students came from different institutions – #KCG #CEG #HindustanUniversity #SathyabhamaUniversity. We need to reach out to more institutions.
  11. It was nice to see participation from companies like  #OrangeScape #MadstreetDen and #TCS , #SAP and recent startups like Coffeeinc.


2 thoughts on “Notes from Build to Learn Session 10

  1. Varadarajan Sridharan says:

    Great going Dorai and rest of B2L team.. and thanks for sharing these observations, Dorai. Very interesting to see some of these, especially the learners as teachers part.

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